Maurice Cody Childcare 2015-2016 Before and After School Kindergarten and Grades 1 - 6 Programs are now underway! As well as in the school, the children are adjusting to their new childcare rooms and teachers. It's an exciting time of year, full of new experiences and fun.

The Ministry of Education document, "How Learning Happens," informs our pedagogy and curriculum. Our teachers observe the children's interactions and interests and design a program incorporating both through meaningful daily experiences. The children's suggestions and input are encouraged and reflected in the program everyday.

City of Toronto After School Survey -Children Perspectives

In 2015, a survey by the Toronto Children's Services published the following results about what matters to children in their after school programs.

What Matters?

*Getting active - "I like gym and when we play dodgeball."

*Playing with Friends- "I like playing with my friends."

*The staff - "I like the staff - they are really, really nice."

* Having fun - "because that's LIFE!"

* Arts and other activities - "I like art, drawing, pictures and dress-up."

* Snack-time - 'I like havong a delicious healthy snack."

* Safe and Respectful enviornment - "Being safe and listening to the staff and alwasy being nice to other people."

* Homework Support - "Help kids with their homework."



The Preschool Program (currently offered in B12) will be closed following the end of this year’s program on July 25, 2014.   Children currently in the Preschool Program will graduate to the Before and After FDK program starting July 28, 2014.  We are proud of the preschool program that we have been running the last two years.  The feedback from parents and children has been very positive and supportive.
The changing demographics of the Maurice Public School Community have placed increasing demands for School Age care.  After long and careful consideration, the Board of Directors decided to close the Preschool Program in order to provide continuity of care for Kindergarten and School age children.  This change aligns our programs with the needs of the school community we serve. 
Parents who are on our waiting list for a Preschool spot for August 2014 have received an email informing them of the closure.  These families will also be carried forward on the waiting list for the Before and After Full Day Kindergarten Program.  In our Helpful Links section, you will find a link to the Toronto Children's Services website. Clicking on Child Care finder will bring you to an alphabetical listing of Child cares and a listing of programs by Ward. Please click on Ward 22 to find all the child care programs in this area. Contact and program information is listed there.

We accept applications for child care from families who reside outside the MCPS catchment area.  However, you must reside within the catchment area at time of enrolment.  Also, applications will be received for child care for children from birth to 12 years of age. 
If you wish to place your child on our waitlist please do so as soon as your child is born to give you a better chance of receiving a spot.  You are able to download our waiting list application by clicking on the link below.  

Waiting List


Registration for Waiting List Policy Procedure
All MCCC School-Year Programmes are registered through a waiting list process.  The following procedures outline this process
Families may place their child’s/children’s name(s) on the waiting list on or any time after the first business day in June of the year following the child’s/children’s birth(s). The waiting list application form is accessible on our website. 
Waiting List Applications received on the first business day in June following the child’s/children’s birth will be collected until close of business on this day.  A lottery will be used to determine order of applications received on this day.
Waiting List Applications received any time after the first business day in June following the child’s/children’s birth will be placed on the waiting list in order of date and time of day it was received.